HEALTH PB1’s new racing shoe is coming out!

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  • Pb Xiamen competition! New professional running equipment
  • Grab grab grab!
  • After winning the lottery, come here!
  • 2020 runner glory Xiamen station 0105
  • [recruitment rules]
  • Recruitment scope
  • (1) Love running and successfully sign up for the winner of Xiamen 2020
  • (2) Recognition of national brands
  • Recruitment time
  • From now on, order first, get first, and the full amount is up to December 15, 2019 at the latest
  • Recruitment method
  • (1) To sign up for 2020 hails official running group 01.05 Xiamen station, you need to place an order at Taobao (copy the order password € boybycs2bzd € to open Taobao on mobile)
  • [full set of equipment: a pair of running shoes (worth 399 yuan), vest (worth 188 yuan), shorts (worth 198 yuan), excluding the 2020 Xiamen event quota]
  • (2) You will wear the above full set of equipment to complete the 2020.01.05 Xiamen race in full time. You will provide the official completion certificate and track photo for full refund after approval;
  •  Equipment distribution and mailing time: from December 22 to 24, 2019
  • 5.The organizer have the right to use the portraits of the participants, and the photos of the competitors can be used for publicity.


01 registration method

Copy password


Copy the password to open Taobao. Remember to copy the symbol €

02 order notes

Note: Xiamen event – gender – t-shirt size (e.g.: Xiamen event – male-l / 175cm)

Note: Xiamen event – gender – t-shirt size (e.g.: Xiamen event – male-l / 175cm)

Note: Xiamen event – gender – t-shirt size (e.g.: Xiamen event – male-l / 175cm)

Important things are to be repeated for 3 times!!!

(if there is no remark, no clothing, but the responsibility shall be borne by yourself)

Clothing size: 2xs / 155cm, XS / 160cm, S / 165cm, M / 170cm, L / 175cm, XL / 180cm, 2XL / 185cm, 3XL / 190cm

03 registration

After purchase, click [read original] to register, upload Taobao order number and order screenshot

[official running equipment of HEALTH]

[HEALTH official running group Vest + shorts]

cash return rules】 

Apply for the official 2020 HEALTH running group 01.05 Xiamen station. You can open the HEALTH cooperation app “marathon application” within 7 working days after the end of the competition. My – Application Record Uploading information as required, including official photos of race track, certificate of completion and confirmation of receipt by Taobao, after verification (15 working days) is passed, Taobao’s next order can be returned to marathon registration wallet, and the balance can be brought to Alipay (fee 2%).