PB Shanghai running! 2019 sets of new carbon fiber running shoes for free!

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PB Shanghai running! 2019 sets of new professional running shoes




Please come here after winning the lottery!

2019 runner honors Shanghai station 1117

【 recruitment rules】

1.Recruitment scope

(1) Love running and successfully sign up for the winner of 2019 Shanghai competition

(2) Recognition of national brands

2.Recruitment time

From now on until full

 3.Recruitment expenses


(1) The registration fee for 11.17 Shanghai station of 2019 HEALTH official running group is 299 yuan / person [including a pair of running shoes (worth 399 yuan), vest (worth 188 yuan), excluding the quota of 2019 Shanghai Race]

(2) Wearing the above full set of equipment to participate in the 2019.11.17 Shanghai competition by yourself. As long as  have official results, you will be able to return them in full.

4.Equipment distribution and mailing time: November 6-8, 2019


[cash back application]


Apply for the player of 11.17 Shanghai station of the 2019 HEALTH  official running team, please open app” Marathon registration” within 7 working days after the completion of the 2019 Shanghai Race.


In my application record, providing the official photos of the track and the net score of the race as required. After approval


You can return it.


[official running equipment of HEALTH]

The vest is too large. It is recommended to choose a smaller size