Sent you race shoes because of the guessing actitive! This weekend, CCTV broadcast two events of HEALTH Xi marathon & Yue marathon

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2019 is the 35th year of establishment of HEALTH

It’s the sixth year of HEALTH and Xichang International Marathon

It’s the second year of HEALTH and Shaoxing Marathon

At 8 a.m. on November 09 this Saturday,

HEALTH Xichang International Marathon live broadcast on CCTV Channel 5

At 7:30 a.m. on November 10 this Sunday,

HEALTH Shaoxing marathon live broadcast on CCTV Channel 5

Just leave a message to guess the official net score of men’s full marathon

floating up and down below 5 seconds

You can get the official running shoes of HEALTH

(deadline before the start of the competition)

Xichang Marathon

Sima is one of the most professional international marathon events in Sichuan Province

It is the first full marathon in 30 national minority autonomous prefectures

Obtained for three consecutive years since 2014

The honor of “gold medal competition” of China Tian Association

Now it has been upgraded to the only international IAAF bronze medal event in Sichuan

Because of the beautiful scenery of Qionghai wetland

Xi marathon racetrack Known as “China’s most beautiful marathon track” by runners at home and abroad

As a strategic partner of Xi marathon

HEALTH has been together with Xi marathon for the sixth year

HEALTH grew up with Xi marathon

I also believe that in the future

Xi marathon will continue to work hard

Provide better service for the majority of runners

Shaoxing Marathon

Shaoxing International Marathon started in 2017

In 2018, the event won the “silver medal competition” of China Association of field

And the title of “the most beautiful track characteristic event”

It was praised by the capital media also

“China needs such a marathon full of cultural charm like Shaoxing”

Competition uniform full of Shaoxing culture

HEALTH Yue marathon booth No.: AT03

(HEALTH “double 11 ” Yue marathon racing running Preferential actitive)

At the beginning of the race of Xi marathon and Yue marathon, HEALTH helped the two events, especially prepared the “help champion speed” winning running shoes activity for runners, so that the majority of runners could experience the champion strength in the contest!

Guessing process:

(1) message on the HEALTH official account platform: XX marathon + time (accurate to seconds).

(2) Click the right lower corner “looking”, and the screenshots are sent to the platform of HEALTH official account, and leave a name and contact telephone number.

(3) Actitive deadline: before running of Xichang marathon and Shaoxing marathon.

If you compete in the official website to release the net score of the men’s Full Marathon Championship (up and down within 5 seconds), HEALTH will give you a pair of running shoes free of charge!

Bonus running shoes


Come on, guys. I wish you all the best~