HEALTH helps the women’s World Club Cup again!

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The ancient city of Shaoxing, covered with gold and decorated with colors, is full of winter. On the evening of December 3th, the opening ceremony of the 2019 World Women’s Volleyball Club Championship was held in Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center, representing the eight world-class teams with the highest level of women’s Volleyball Club today. They will compete passionately in Shaoxing.

Wei Jizhong who is honorary chairman of the International Volleyball Federation, declared open the ceremony. Vice governor Cheng yuechong attended it. Ma Weiguang who is secretary of the municipal Party committee and Zheng Yao who is director of Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau delivered speeches.

The opening ceremony was also attended by staf Jacoby, chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Club Cup, Hugh Graham, chairman of the Management Committee of the International Volleyball Federation, Li Quanqiang, director of the volleyball management center of the General Administration of sport of the people’s Republic of China, and the general manager of HEALTH(CHINA)SPORTING GOODS CO.,LTD.

It is not the first time for HEALTH to cooperate with the World Club Cup of women’s volleyball. As a professional national sports brand, the main purpose of this cooperation is to encourage the national fitness, promote the national health, promote corporate culture, and further enhance the brand awareness and international influence of the company.


After six days of wonderful competition, the 2019 World Women’s Volleyball Club Championship ended successfully in Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center on the evening of December 8th.

In the end, the Italian women’s volleyball team Corneliano won the championship which symbolizes strength and glory, and the Egnu from this team also won the MVP (most valuable player) of this competition.

Turkey’s Issachibashi team and the previous champion Turkey’s Wajiv bank team won the second and third places respectively.

In yesterday’s closing ceremony, Mr. Wang Dong, deputy general manager of our company, as the awarding guest and took a photo with the contestants.

Evergrande women’s volleyball girls, who have close relationship with HEALTH, are trying their best to fight on the field.

The women’s volleyball girls’ spirit of perseverance and never give up has moved countless audiences.

It can be defeated but will never be give up. “” there isn’t great power, just only insist on it. “Chinese women’s volleyball team is fighting with such perseverance and courage.

Sometimes I know I won’t win,but try my best also.

Although the girls in the women’s volleyball team were staggering on the way,

But they stood up and shook the dust on their body, and their eyes were still firm.

HEALTH cheer for the champion, cheer for the Chinese women’s volleyball team!

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