See Zhu Ting at home! HEALTH asked you to witness the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball Club Championship!

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World Women’s Volleyball Club Championship

The world women’s Volleyball Club Championship (hereinafter referred to as the “women’s Volleyball World Club Cup”) is the world’s highest level women’s volleyball club event hosted by the International Volleyball Federation. Its competition level is higher than that of the Olympic Games and World Championships in which the country is the unit.

On December 20, 2017, the International Volleyball Federation released a big news that the 2018 and 2019 women’s World Club Cup will be settled in Zhejiang. For Chinese fans, they can enjoy the world’s best club games at home.

On December 4, the women’s World Club Cup will be held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province.


Since 1991, the World Club Cup has been held 11 times. Previously, it was held in 6 countries including Brazil, Switzerland, Japan, the Philippines, Qatar and Italy. China has become the seventh country in the world to host the event.

As a famous local brand in Zhejiang Province, HEALTH has formed a close partnership with the organizers. With professional sports shoes and clothing, she has contributed her own strength to the World Club Cup of women’s volleyball, demonstrated the national spirit, and submitted a wonderful business card for Zhejiang on the world stage.


The spirit of women’s volleyball has inspired generations of Chinese people. HEALTH, as a partner, sponsored the World Club Cup of women’s volleyball. On the one hand, he did his part to promote the development of volleyball and mass sports. On the other hand, he also used the spirit of women’s volleyball to              constantly inspire himself, surpass the present, and strive to achieve higher quality development.

According to the rules of FIFA, three of them are Champion Clubs in Asia, America and Europe. In addition, the host will automatically get the qualification; the other four teams will get the qualification through foreign card.

Looking back to history, the first time for Chinese teams to compete in the World Club Cup was in 2012, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team won the qualification for the competition with the identity of Asian Cup champion, only won the fifth place; in 2013, Guangdong Evergrande women’s volleyball team entered the World Club Cup with the same identity, and gained a bronze medal. Since then, there has been no Chinese team in the World Club Cup.

Zhu Ting’s wajifu bank and its hosts, Zhejiang women’s volleyball team, South American champion Brazil Minas, and France’s Valero (formerly Zurich), are in group A. The other group is Brazil beach, the champion of Brazil Super League, chunwuli supremacy of Thailand, issachibashi, the champion of Kazakhstan, Altay women’s volleyball team last season. Every match is worth looking forward to. I believe you will also be waiting for the maiden trip of the Zhejiang women’s Volleyball World Club Cup!


Recently, foreign media also revealed the schedule of the group match. In this revealed schedule, the opponent of host Zhejiang women’s volleyball team’s first match was the wajifu bank led by defending champion Zhu ting.

The specific group match schedule is as follows (Beijing time)

December 4

09:00: group B: supreme leader of chunwuli, Thailand vs. uberandia beach, Brazil

13: 00: group A: Minas, Brazil vs Le carnet, France

16: 00: group B: issachibashi, Turkey vs Altay, Kazakhstan

19: 00:a Zhejiang women’s volleyball team of China vs wakivu Bank of Turkey

 December 5

09:00: group B: ulandia beach, Brazil vs Altay, Kazakhstan

13: 00: group a bank of wakiev, Turkey vs Le carnet, France

16: 00: group B: supreme leader of chunwuli, Thailand vs. issachbashi, Turkey

19: 00:a Zhejiang women’s volleyball team vs Minas, Brazil

December 7

09:00: group B: supreme leader of chunwuli, Thailand vs Altay, Kazakhstan

13: 00:a Bank of vakivu, Turkey vs Minas, Brazil

16: 00:00 group B: ulandia beach, Brazil vs isachi Bashi, Turkey

19: 00:a China Zhejiang women’s volleyball team vs France lecanette

(the competition schedule is disclosed by foreign media. The specific schedule may be different.)

In the first day of the competition, the most eye-catching one is the match between the host Zhejiang women’s volleyball team and the Bank of wakiev where Zhu Ting plays.

I believe that the Chinese fans have been facing the trouble of happiness.

Turkey’s wakivu bank meets Zhejiang women’s volleyball team,

Is it to support Zhu Ting?

Or support Zhejiang women’s volleyball team?

HEALTH cheers for Chinese women’s volleyball team!