Free running shoes for racing guessing activities! Celebrate the success of HEALTH named the G412 of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway!

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Named Beijing Shanghai high speed railway special train by Health

Official launch at Shanghai Hongqiao Station

“HEALTH running shoes” brand high-speed rail special train

Will drive into all corners of the world


Speed king, win-win co-operation

Founded in 1984, HEALTH is committed to building the equipment to achieve the champion. HEALTH is the official partner of AIMS International Marathon and road running Association, the only official designated running shoes of AIMS visit

HEALTH is a professional sports shoes production base of IAAF regional development center. HEALTH is the official partner of many marathon events at home and abroad.

HEALTH to build a high-end brand of global sports enthusiasts – China’s HEALTH, the world’s health! For health refueling!

Speed up your dreams with reasonable speed

Speed and professional belief

Of course, it’s not as simple as naming “Beijing Shanghai high speed railway”

HEALTH is prepared for the runners

An exciting

[Free running shoes for racing guessing] activity

Let you have a chance to experience the magic of HEALTH running shoes!

[activity rules]

  1. Activity requirements

(1) Successful application for the winner of Beijing 2019

(2) In the registration link, fill in the estimated net score of your own completion. If the score is consistent with the official website completion certificate, HEALTH will give you a pair of running shoes free of charge!


(Example: Net Score 4:50:35)

(3) In the lower right corner of the tweet, click [Looking] and send the screenshot to the background, and note the name + mobile number

  1. Registration time from today to November 2, 2019

  1. Application fee (1) free running shoes for racing guessing activity

, the application fee is 1 yuan / person

[running shoes]

Scan QR code and sign up

Next year

HEALTH running shoes high speed rail special train,

Will sail all over the world

In “Beijing Tianjin Hebei” and ” Changjiang delta” those economic regions

Show the speed passion of HEALTH running shoes

! What are you waiting for? Take the time to experience it!