Fearing the cold winter, HEALTH official team steps to witness the scenery!

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Runner’s glory. Low temperature? Cold wave? The cold of winter can’t cover up the enthusiasm of runners; run outdoors and show some color to the cold winter. Runners use running to make everything hot. We never hibernate!

On December 5, the national running group race HEALTH official running group race with Migu,the first race of the national team race (10km 4-person relay) in Wuhan station was won by Zhang Luo’s team. Thanks for the mutual trust between the runners. Although it was the first team relay, everyone performed very well. As the fourth team, I was lucky to run across the end with the team flag. It’s worth mentioning that there was a 67 year old brother in the team. This is HEALTH the best portrayal of the idea of running for health advocated. Down to earth, run healthy!

On December 6, Guangzhou marathon Expo, one of the four gold medal events assisted by HEALTH – Guangzhou marathon, your participation will light up the track of Guangzhou marathon, because your participation will affect more people to join in health sports to meet the guidelines of top leaders and promote the development of comprehensive fitness! Hales official running group is committed to make more people healthier, happier and have a future!

Nice gift waiting for you

December 6: since the founding of the interesting sports meeting for teachers of Changsha University, HEALTH has been devoted to writing the classics and legends on the track and field for 35 years. Since HEALTH appeared in the Hunan Provincial Games, there have been more and more partners in Hunan Province, and more people have learned about the power of the national brand HEALTH. This interesting sports meeting for teachers of Changsha University, athletes and all staff equipment Exclusively sponsored by HEALTH!

You have only 6% left in 2018. In the cold winter, many places have already been covered with snowflakes. I pay tribute to HEALTH running group and all the running friends who are still running! Running for a year, the destination is the place called home, next, tide you see, write the book home with your feet!