HEALTH strong assist three marathon highlights!

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Into the autumn when the weather turns cool gradually,

Did you find out,

There are many marathon events in October.

Only on October 28,

There are more than 30 marathon events in China,

Running friends are not enough!!

So many events,

I don’t know what you have signed up for, dear?

As a brand of Chinese national sports, Hales,

We should contribute to the Chinese marathon,

Next, support the three marathons.

With a professional and fun attitude,

With you to start the heart of unstoppable movement,

Burning the city under my feet,

Are you ready?

Xichang Qionghai International Marathon

Run time:

7:30 am, November 3, 2018

Competition items and scale:

Marathon (42.195km)

Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

Mini Marathon

30000 people in total

Brief introduction:

Xichang Qionghai wetland International Marathon

It has been successfully held for four times from 2014 to 2017,

He also worked closely with Hales for four years,

This is the first marathon event named after urban wetland in China.

Won the China Track and Field Association

The certified “gold medal event” took only three years,

It has also become the first marathon in China to win the “gold medal event” in only three years.


The Xima track is selected in China’s excellent tourist cities

In national tourist resort and National Wetland Park,

The footpath of the relatively closed scenic spot is 35.9 kilometers,

6.3km road in urban scenic area.

After years of track optimization,

The combination of wetland scenery and track,

Mountains, rivers, clouds and forests are integrated,

It is praised by the competitors at home and abroad as

“China to America marathon track”.

Xichang marathon belongs to the world’s runners,

For every runner in the race,

It’s a unique and wonderful trip,

On November 3, please follow Sima’s steps and set out together.

Taizhou International Marathon

Run time:

8:00 am, November 11, 2018

Competition items and scale:

Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

Small Marathon (10km)

Fitness run (6km)

Total size 15000

Brief introduction:

January 25, 2018,

China Track and Field Association evaluates and awards marathon events in China.

2017 Taizhou International Marathon

It was officially awarded the title of “gold medal event” by China Track and Field Association.

“Taizhou horse” came into being from scratch, step by step,

It took only three years to reach the gold medal event,

In the history of marathon in China, it has left a strong mark.

Taizhou International Marathon

In the selection of “top 100 marathon events with the most sponsorship value in China 2018”,

Taizhou International Marathon won the 48th place in China,

Second place in Zhejiang Province,

Second only to Hangzhou marathon.

This is the second cooperation between HEALTH and Taizhou Marathon

This marathon will definitely give you “good look”!



The route design is exquisite and the altitude fluctuation is small,

Along the way, the scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and there are abundant supplies

After three years of growth and careful preparation,

“Taizhou horse” has become one of the characteristic events in the minds of runners.

The 2018 Taizhou marathon is due to the problem of road repair,

This year’s Taizhou Marathon

Change to half marathon, mini marathon and fitness run.

2018 is a new year for Taizhou Malaysia,

To win a gold medal is not the end but the starting point for us,

We will work towards a higher level of competition standards.

Shaoxing International Marathon

Run time:

7:30 am, November 25, 2018

Competition items and scale:

Full marathon (42.095 km)

Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

Mini Marathon (5K)

22000 people in total

Brief introduction:

Shaoxing International Marathon

China Track and Field Association

Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government

Co hosted City Marathon.

The first time held in 2017, Yuema was delighted

“Bronze medal competition” of China Track and Field Association

And the title of “the most beautiful track characteristic event”.

Yue Ma, a great success, has an unprecedented influence,

To become a city to enhance its image, stimulate its vitality

Show the effective carrier of modern Shaoxing.

This year, HEALTH will help Yuema,

Surprise the runners.


“Run a marathon, know a city”,

The track of Yuema is like a long scroll,

The first few volumes are modern cities;

Turning down is the fate of all living beings in the Republic of China;

Turn again, it is the road of Tang poetry;

Further down, there is Jianhu Lake, with a clear and smooth water.

The biggest surprise of this year

The overall gradient of the track is gentle, suitable for performance.

The route is basically a spacious and straight urban road suitable for galloping,

It’s not the bluestone board that people think of.

Which one do you like best or have you participated in?

Life is more than medlar,

There are medals 42 kilometers away,

In this harvest season,

Go to fight!!

Are you ready?